Blanking’s Debut EP Spirit Minerals


Daps Records is proud to announce Spirit Minerals, the debut EP from Blanking. The project is a Toronto/Ottawa collaboration between Justin Orok (guitar) and Rory Hanchard aka Young Truck (drum programming). Spirit Minerals is a hypnotic and thoughtful foray into digital/analog music, evoking other worlds that emerge as the songs unfold. Incorporating meandering soundscapes with hints of a techno underbelly, it’s a path of mutual discovery by both the artists and the audience. Always chill, yet urgently so.

From Blanking:
“a jazz guitarist who doesn’t want to play jazz, a former jazz guitarist who definitely doesn’t want to play jazz, a little digital machine, an electric guitar and the boxes they plug into. the origins are also digital in nature, only once was the communication irl, the rest are folded through space/time like a guild navigator. leave some hollow space to breathe, poke your head out once in a while”

The EP will be available digitally and physically, with a limited run of 25 cassettes.

Purchase HERE