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Once in a while, Daps Records does one off’s, mostly of friends. Most of the tapes and vinyl are sold out or available digitally through the bands’ channels. Some are still available at our store.

You Think About It Too Much, KEN PARK, 2014 (cassette)
A Little Messed Up / Fail to Cry, YACHT CLUB, 2013 (7″ vinyl)
The Ballads Reimagined, L CON, 2013 (vinyl)
The Ballad Project, L CON, 2012 (vinyl)
Hellaluya, HELLALUYA, 2012 (digital only)

Cartoons, CARTOONS, 2012 (split Hellaluya vinyl)
…EP, BETA FRONTIERS, 2012 (digital)
Get Free (Remix), BETA FRONTIERS, 2012 (digital)
Green Sea (Remix), BETA FRONTIERS, 2012 (digital)
Curated Friends (Single), TIMES NEUE ROMAN, 2012 (digital)
Hollandaze, ODONIS ODONIS, 2011 (vinyl)
Moon King, MOON KING, 2011 (7″ vinyl)